Society craves state changes. From caffeine, to alcohol, to exercise and beyond, there is a powerful and persistent desire to control one’s mood.



Invent a mainstream, high volume multi-sensory pod that can function as a wellness and entertainment vehicle. By combining state-of-the-art technology with an immersive content experience, we aim to create an entirely new category of self-controlled state change. We played an instrumental role in conceiving of, developing and productizing the AURA immersion pod, which combines multi-sensory state-of-the-art technology with proprietary, expert-curated content.



From the onset, we knew this could be more than just a product with immersive sensory content. It needed to be an open platform at the scale of the Apple App store. So, we created the AURA OS. Open to content developers and artists from a multitude of backgrounds. Through the open API model, users can completely customize their experience of Aura’s rich and vibrant visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli. The Aura series of products includes AURASphere, a public multi-person experience; AURAPod, an on-premise single person experience; and AURAMat, an at-home single person experience.



AURA, currently in development, has the potential to dominate the $4 trillion market for mechanical therapeutic devices. The immersive pods are designed for use in hotels, spas, gyms, office buildings, airport lounges, hospitals, classrooms and homes. Noting that leading cognitive scientists have stated “the human brain has evolved to develop, learn and operate optimally in multi-sensory environments,”AURA offers a new way to transmit knowledge, enliven the human spirit, and provide radical entertainment experiences to people around the world. We believe this product will have a transformative effect on the wellness, education and entertainment industries.