bolthouse farms




We set out to inspire a fresh revolution. The challenge was, super premium juice is a parity category with no functional differentiation between competitors. To achieve a 5% sales increase in key markets, new ways of engaging the consumer had to be created.



Juice City. We turned key markets of San Francisco, Chicago and Boston into interactive Juice Cities by combining two seemingly opposing elements: farm cred and mobile innovation. The farm cred was delivered by the brand insight and truth that Bolthouse Farms is Juiced by a Bunch of Carrot Farmers. The innovation and engagement was generated by inventing a new approach to outdoor and experiential marketing, Juice Recognition.



Juice Recognition allowed any consumer that encountered a Bolthouse Farms branded billboard, bottle, growing wall or street team was able to snap a pic of that element, share it on Instagram and instantly receive a coupon to fulfill at that neighborhood’s nearest retailer. Our custom Juice Recognition system on Instagram was a first of its kind branded social engagement and reward utility.



On average, Bolthouse Farms received a +12% increase in sales in launch markets. The innovative nature of the campaign put Bolthouse Farms on the national stage as well, with features in The New York Times, Fast Company and NPR.